Neptune. All Hail!

NeptuneCurrent usage: redundancy
O/S: OpenBSD 3.8
Model: Dell PowerEdge SP566
CPU: Pentium 75MHz(!)
Store: 192MB
HDD: 2 SCSI Drives (4GB and 1.5GB)
Network: 3 x fxp

Key Features: BIG, noisy and extremely fast. Back in the day it used to host all of our stuff (web, mail etc.) but we were much more patient then. Jed and Zed carried it (a bit on the bus) all the way from Shoreditch to Limehouse and that's basically how TNP started. Big woofs go out to darq for donating Neptune!

Key Issues: Doesn't come back after a reboot without a human intervention due to a memory parity error (need to press "s" to shut the check up). This was a source of major dramas after power outages.   One of the ISA network cards generates extreme amounts of interrupts, which slowed our network down considerably.  Therefore, we decided to replace it with something more reliable.  We'll keep good, old Neptune running but in much less critical environment, where it can spend it's retirement days in peace.