Current Usage: Mainframe!
Model: Custom build
CPU: AMD64 Sempron 2800+
Store: 514MB
HDD: 2 IDE (6Gb & 10Gb)
Network: 1 x fxp
Runs: Jails, Apache2, Postfix, Hybrid IRC, dovecot IMAP and a bunch of other things

Key Features: Fast as f*** (for our standards). It used to be a K6 machine donated by the UO for firewall purposes when we've been lending bandwidth for WSFII London back in 2005. Unfortunatelly the box had a major failure afer a few months of usage and had to be completely rebuild. The only bits left were the hard drive and case. Jed's mum has been very generous by funding the purchase of a brand, spanking new 64bit insides (thanks!).