The Neptune Project was formed in 2003 after a couple of Funix students acquired an old dell server, which was quickly reinstalled with OpenBSD and hooked to the net.  It was a box on which we could practice the techniques learned about UNIX, networks and related services.  As time passed by, we met more people, found more machines and The Neptune Project evolved in to an "all in one" technology playground.  Now it seems to have a pretty stable infrastructure, which isn't used only for playing and experimenting but also for providing free services to non-commercial users (friends, neighbours, freethinkers and the like).  Some of the things we do include building wireless networks, mail/web hosting and teaching/preaching on what we lave learned about technology and it's potential uses.  Our systems are based on free/opensource software, the use of which we advocate.  Anyone can become a part of the project.  Newbies learn here how to use the command line, web developers host their websites, software developers write programs and sys admins make sure that it all runs smoothly.    It's also worth mentioning that The Neptune Project keeps us busy, which leeds to lower consumption of intoxicating substances, it's low fat and contains no cholesterol.

Services offered on TNP are for non-commercial use only.  Check out Darq Networks if you're looking for commercial IT Support in London.

Do you have an idea and don't have the resources to make it happen?  Contact us and maybe we can help.


We always make sure that all the valuable data stored on TNP machines is backed up and safe but since the project often involves experimental and cutting edge research we have to say that no one will take the responsibility for unwanted pregnancies or exploding toasters (it should be fine if it runs NetBSD!).  In fact, we encourage everyone to take responsibility for their own actions.


Most of our infrastructure is hosted in jedrek's parent's flat on ADSL2 line (thanks guys!).   Our precious hardware has been intercepted form good people or found in the rubbish areas. Don't be throwing old boxes away! Donate them instead!

 Neptune Proteus Larissa Diffuse Nepnode1 Server staircase