Welcome to TNP, the technological kindergarten and the UNIX seesaw.  You can read all about it in a commonsensical speak or the real story that follows.

Far, far away, in the depths of London East End, was a mysterious structure with a sign announcing "free UNIX classes" hanged by it's doors.  But the sign was meaningless as sunsets passed by, covering the fabricated world in darkness.  Strange creatures humans are, plentitude of which carelessly dreams away, while the few that stay awake subconsciously look for something they cannot define.

Around 1057563000 seconds since the epoch the sign became meaningful and the old, wooden door opened with a touch of curiosity.  Since then many things became clear, many keys were made and windows crashed.  8035200 seconds later Neptune had been acquired from the hands of the Darq wizard.  It was a great machine of enormous powers, which could be unleashed only by the ones possessing great psychological result of perception, learning and reasoning.  The path ahead is rough, with many daemons guarding it's secrets, it makes your brain bleed and you are begging for more. The quest has begun...